DriveInfo v4.2.1

New Release: DriveInfo v4.2.1 3

Change log for : DriveInfo v4.2.1

Added: Ctrl+Click On Move Aria To Open Snapshot Folder Added: Ctrl+RClick On Move Aria to take Snapshot after 3sec delay Added: Hide\Show (Systray, Taskbar Icons, & Desktop Icons) in Virtial-Drive Form Fixed: Press Esc to Cancel Snapshot Improved: Custom Backgrounds stored in “DriveInfo\Launch Bar\Themes” Improved: Settings & Interface

Download Installer version:

 sgoogle_drivero smro

Download:40+ bonus custom backgrounds from HERE

Download portable version:

sgoogle_drivero smro

Required Components for the portable version : COMCTL32.OCX – MSCOMCT2.OCX COMDLG32.OCX – SCOMCTL.OCX you can get them separately, or from here

Official Home Page:


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