DriveInfo v3.0.0

DriveInfo displays Drive indicators & space information on the desktop with many handy Features


Download: Dropbox
Download: Google-Drive

Official Home Page:

Basic Features:
Easy Theme Personalization +15 Featured
Drag&Drop Items to Drives
Possible to hide Drives

Quik Shortcuts for:
(shutdown, restart)
(shutdown at a Specified time)
(Lock, Search, virtual folder, task manager, Run)

Additional Features:
System Uptime
Quik launch Bar (Ctrl + left-click on the item will remove it)
Sleep Monitor (Turn Monitor off without/with hotkey “win+S”)
local IP (shows Internal IP address)
Capture Screen (Take a Snapshot “Right-Click Over Movie Aria”)
Button to open a specified (Folder, File, URL)
an alternative for Windows Drives info gadgets